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Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New School Year!

Yes, the school year of 2007 has officially started.. This time, I carry a new title - Prefectorial Mistress... Sounds cool but hmm.. with this title, all freedom is lost! I have been busy climbing up and down the stairs ever since wednesday! Ushering the Primary Ones to their class in the hall, meeting up with the prefects and doing administrative work for the Prefectorial Board... With this title, I also have to take up the microphone and conduct dismissal for the Primary 2 level after their recess...

Met my Primary Twos this year.. They are a slightly different lot from my Primary Twos last year.. Still trying to get used to them but so far, their behaviour is under control! Missed my last year students lots! Regretted not doing Primary Three this year.. hmm cos that way, I would get to still see them.. Yepps, so this is how my school year has been.. Busy Busy Busy and very Busy! But in the midst of it all, my colleagues are lovely and makes the job more worth doing and smoother! :) Gota go sleep now! Busy and long day tomorrow! Ciaoz!

Ryncatherine out @ 23:28

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Giving Thanks...

Heys everyone! It's been quite some time since this blog has been updated. Heh! So we have plenty of things to say, but at the end of it all, both of us felt that we should be giving thanks and praise unto the Lord for the recent events that have taken place in our lives and also, as we come close to the end of year 2006.

Hmm.. Indeed year 2006 has been a ,eaningful year for both of us. Firstly, in the early part of the year, we had our graduation cum convocation ceremony. This marks the end of 25 years of our academic life and hails the beginning of career life. For dearie, entering into the teaching fraternity on May 22 as a full-fledged cum fully-trained teacher excites her as she has always preferred teaching to the writing of 2000 - 8000 and many more words essays in NIE. For myself, as compared to dearie, working life is not that exciting and fun for me. Everyday's filled with tons and tons of work that doesn't seem to end. Yet inspite of all this, God is always there. He sees us through our work, and even amidst the busyness of my work, time could be set aside for many other things.

From the day we went for the walk-in selection to select our flat till the current state of our wedding preparations, we have come a long way. Yet each step of the way was guided and led by the Lord for things just fell into place beautifully in its own time and place. We have wonderful contractors who have done up our place so nicely with their good worksmanship, lovely bridal designer cum consultant, makeup artist and photographer who have made us enjoy every single moment of our gown selection, gown fitting, photoshoot and the selection of the wedding photos. Also, not forgetting the nice guy-in-charge of our wedding dinner at Meritus Mandarin. Indeed, we have truly been blessed by Him each step of the way as dearie and myself go about with the wedding preparations. Even before we went for the wedding preparation course conducted by my pastor, we were quite apprehensive of what was to come. Yet once again, the Lord spoke through to the pastor in every session and as we discuss the various topics, the Holy Spirit was guiding and leading us all the way. Dearie and myself have a better understanding of each other and we learn to be more accomodating and always to place God in the centre of our relationship.
The recent trip overseas and youth camp 2006 has not only allowed both dearie and myself to recharge ourselves but at the same time, drawing us closer to Him esp during youth camp 2006. It has been a great experience, although we couldn't be there throughout the entire period. So all in all, we just wana give thanks to Him and to all our friends out there who have supported us in prayers in one way or another in the year 2006. Thank you! All your prayers have been much appreciated. We also wana thank all who have prayed for good weather for the day of our photoshoot. Even the photographer himself exclaims that that day's weather was extremely good. Praise the Lord! So as we look forward to year 2007 where we would be united in holy matrimony, we continue to look to God for His guidance and love as He guides us on a whole new beginning of marriage life and also in our daily walk with Him.

Ryncatherine out @ 17:37

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We celebrated our 6th yr anniversary on November 21st.. A very eventful anniversary cos this marks the last anniversary that we are going to have before we are married next yr. Interestingly, as we went back to the good old restaurant that we always patronize on this special day, we were showed to the seats that we first sat at on our first anniversary.. This carries a significant meaning to the both of us, cos as we end the 6 yrs of pator-ing, we are embarking on another new beginning. A new beginning that both of us are eagerly looking forward to yet at the same time learning more from one another each day of our lives and taking our relationship to greater heights with our Father in the centre!

Taking the wedding preparation course has also better prepared us and lead us to see one another in a new light and understand each other better. We enjoyed every moment of the course cos with each session, new things are discovered and the bond between us just gets stronger. As the months draw by nearer, and as we witness more of our close friends walking down the aisle, we are really feeling excited. We are going for our wedding photoshoot on next friday. Feeling excited yet at the same time anticipating eagerly for the day to come. We will lift up the day's shooting into our Father's hands and trust in Him that He will grant us fine weather and a smooth shooting.

On a side note, as I went to St John's Island today, the place really brought back fond memories of youth camp that was held last year. There were slight changes that could be seen on the island today.. The female cubicles have been torn down and in the process of reconstruction. And as I walk through the island with my colleagues, as I passed by the different game stations, memories just kept flooding in.. Today, as I work with my fellow colleagues in planning leadership programmes for the students in my school, I thank God for allowing me to experience what it is like to lead camping life on a rural island last year in order to better prepare me for this recce trip. Even though at the end of the day, my colleagues might end up using Pulau Ubin instead, yet I treasure this opportunity to go back to visit St John's Island again. God is really good and He never fails to amaze me with His wonders, grace and miracles. So as I look forward to this year's youth camp at SAV, I know its gona be another learning experience for me as He draws me closer to Him. :)

Ryncatherine out @ 20:54

Monday, October 23, 2006

* * Updates * *

Its been eons since the last update.. Been busy with work recently. Now that the young ones are going to sit for their final exams soon, there's finally time for a breather before the keying of results and printing of result slips sets in.
Updates on our house renovation has been progressing really well. The quotation has been tied down oreadi and renovation works for our humble abode would be commencing in another 2 weeks' time. We are really excited with the outcome. Went for our gown and suit fitting just last week. It was good. Selected and confirmed our gowns and met up with our makeup artist as well. A really nice lady who's makeup skills are 'wow'!On the chuch side, things are more or less tied down oreadi. We would be meeting up with them this wednesday to confirm it all. We are extremely thankful to our heavenly Father who has provided us with this much of grace and blessings and seen us through this period of wedding preparation. There would be many more nitty gritty details coming up that needs to be handled and we trust that His hands and blood would cover, protect and guide us in the following months to come till we walk down the aisle hand in hand and say 'I do'.

Ryncatherine out @ 15:36

Monday, September 11, 2006

~Back to Work Liaoz~

The one week September hols are over.. So fast, wished it could have last longer. Oh well, but on the whole, this short period of hols was good. There was no marking, no mad rush of getting worksheets completed and most importantly, no need to wake up early! Very shiok! Naturally, the highlight of the week wasnt just about the free time, its also both of us finally getting to see our precious and lovely goddaughter, whom we did not get a chance at all to see nor carry her when she was born as she was a pre-mature baby and hence, had to be kept in ICU, under close supervision of the doctors and nurses. Even then, she's really a joyful baby and she's definitely growing bigger and stronger by the day. Both dear and myself really love her to bits!

Work is slightly on the busy side for dear as he has to be deployed in view of the IMF forum held in Singapore. However, dear hasn't been feeling too good recently, with all the joint pain, neck aches and chest pain and its giving him difficulty in driving, stretching and turning his head around. We are really worried for him as till now, cant really pin point whats exactly wrong. And with dear's busy schedule, we are already doing our best to find an appropriate time sometime this week to make a third visit to the doctor and probably request for an xray to be done in order to find out whats exactly causing all these pain. Please do keep him in fervent prayer as this has been going on for the past 3 weeks oreadi.

Wedding preparations so far has been progressing quite well. We would be meeting our interior designer next week to view the 3-dimensional perspective of our design. Naturally, now we have got more ideas and so there would be more changes to be made. Really excited and anticipating to see how our love nest would look like. Hopefully the renovation can get started in October. Up on the list next, would be our visit to the bridal boutique for final gown confirmation, trial makeup and alteration before our photoshoot in december. Really looking forward to that too. Am gona pray hard for good weather and the pictures to turn out nice! So far, for this year, its just this and definitely not forgetting the booking of our church venue. We are still praying about it and should be able to arrive at an answer and have a final confirmation on our wedding date by the end of this week. So stay tuned for any possible changes to the date. (P.S. it won't be a drastic change, so no worries!)
Hopefully, after the IMF forum is over, dear and myself can take a short break by spoiling ourselves with a good movie and some time of shopping and of course, by then, the design for our house should be more or less firmed up liaoz, so we can really sit back and relax whilst the contractors start working. Looking forward to next week.. ;)

Ryncatherine out @ 16:36

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Teachers Day Dinner

My school celebrated Teachers Day Dinner at Raffles The Plaza last Friday nite! Woah! My colleagues really had a whale of a time snapping away pictures of ourselves in our varied and colourful costumes! The theme for the dinner was bollywood nite and thus, most of us were dressed either in Punjabi or Sari costumes! It was really a destressing night for most of us. Even though I was not feeling too well on that day, I enjoyed myself thorughly catching up with colleagues and some of them who have been contract teachers and recently just got posted out to NIE for their teacher training course. The following are some pictures that have been taken! Enjoy the myriad of colours!

Ryncatherine out @ 17:36

Monday, August 21, 2006

** Updates **

Wow! Its been almost a month since we last blogged. Many exciting things have taken place over the past one month and it would definitely come forth as a very naggy post if we really dwelve into the details. So to cut the long story short, a summary would suffice! :)

Basically, we got our keys to our flats! Exciting! COnducted a prayer walk in our new flat and we are now in the midst of searching for designers and contractors to renovate our love nest! ;)

Due to some policy restrictions, we are starting our search for a church venue to hold our wedding all over again. Tiring but at least there are many helpful sisters and brothers in Christ who have lend us a helping hand. Thank you!

Spoke to dear's pastor and our marriage prep class is commencing soon. From the way he described, it all sounds really exciting, so cant wait to embark on the course and learn more and understand ourselves better. :)

We found the restaurant to hold our wedding dinner and its really nice! On the 35th floor somemore! The contract has been drafted out and sometime next week, we will be paying the deposit.

So yepps, everythings been really progressing smoothly by God's grace. Without Him, guess we couldnt have made it this far. Thank you Father!

For more updates, stay tuned, though I dunno when the next update will be.. ;P

Ryncatherine out @ 18:49

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